Experience the best with Mercedes Benz sprinter

Mercedes-Benz presents campaigns for their sprinter van, that once again definitely mad everyone happy and more than ready to make the best out of the model. Whether you are thinking of getting a brand new sprinter or even of getting a used version, getting any Mercedes Benz van at all is always a good business.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter always shows how great it is whether you want to carry cargo or people. Strength and resistance to Run for Generations is the title of the new campaign, the long and well known sprinter has everything buyers from all over the world simply love – quality, low price and almost 0 need to keep on with expensive maintenance. The comfort and quality are also noticed by the clients and those who drive it on a daily basis. It is really a special item that every professional really loves to have around. With strength, endurance and durability, the Sprinter faces the hard work and ensures high productivity in cargo and passengers, as well as in trade and pre selling activities. The Mercedes Benz sprinter is really what every driver dreams of having in their garage. Click here to read more about Mercedes Benz Sprinter Strength and resistance.

Experience the best with Mercedes Benz sprinter


The perfect design with the highest quality materials.

Designed to demonstrate the benefits of Sprinter line and based on the concept these Vans really show the best that brand can provide people. Read more information about benefits of Sprinter http://www.forbes.com/sites/kbrauer/2014/11/03/2015-mercedes-benz-sprinter-high-tech-safety-and-luxury-for-van-buyers/. Born to run, the new communication campaign of light commercial vehicles Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is already in the media entitled Sprinter; strength and resistance to run for Generations. In the year that the Sprinter celebrates its 20 years of existence in the world, the new concept used all over the world is part of the global strategy. It could not be any more true.

Find the best sprinter wherever you go!

The starting point of the new campaign is the commercial display television and calls for the appeal of being the best and for having such a big tradition in the van market all over the globe. It could not be any more true, after all the sprinter van is a real icon when it comes to seeing vans in the web or even in stores and garages. From the vans, chassis and Sprinter vans, Mercedes-Benz offers innovative and customized solutions for various applications such as food truck, bar, taproom, snack bar, lounge and beauty shop, pet shop, limousine and more.
New campaign to call even more attention.

The campaign will also involve the placement of ads in major newspapers and magazines specializing in entrepreneurship, tourism, hospitality, business, transportation, retail and health, as well as radio and testimonial spots.
Already in the online media pieces, the strategy is to launch more targeted campaigns for the day to day reality of our customers and business partners. The release will take place in sites specializing in entrepreneurship and transport, as well as actions in radio messages, parts for online media and social networks such as YouTube and Facebook. Are you ready to drive your brand new sprinter van?

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