Life is More Fun with a Conversion Van

Today, we are looking at how life can be more fun with a conversion van.


So the very first thing that I think of when I see a conversion bus is the is the mobility aspect. You know with your conversion van you’re basically as big as your van is, you can get truck camper, and instances that do go over the bumper, but in general you know your conversion vans are going to be maybe 22 feet long, which is as long as your truck is, it is going to be maybe 23 or 24 feet long, but so they’re a lot easier to drive around. They are a lot more maneuverable. You can fit in pretty much a normal parking spot. It’s a lot easier to drive in big cities and just overall much easier.

The other thing with the mobility aspect is the fact that if you have a four-wheel-drive truck, you could use your conversion van a lot more as you don’t have to worry about the winter driving conditions as much if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle. So that’s one thing: that’s really nice in the wintertime. You can turn around a lot easier if you are on a dirt road, on some national forests, or something like that, you’ll not have to worry about getting stuck.

Heating and Cooling 

It is actually really nice having a small camper for a couple reasons. One the heating and the cooling of the camper is much easier. The maintenance is a lot easier because the smaller unit, it’s just easier to clean. I mean it’s in some aspects really nice to have a smaller unit. That’s for sure.

Easy to Store                        

So the other thing with the size of a conversion van is it is also easier to store. Most people store conversion vans at their house, unlike if you have a large travel trailer. Unless you have a pretty big space at your house, more than likely you’re probably going to have to keep that at a storage facility.

 Tow Boat

Another really nice thing about the conversion van is the fact that you can still tow a boat. You could tow an ATV trailer. You know we took one of my buddy’s snowmobiles on a trailer and we did a winter truck camping trip. We won’t have been able to do that with our travel trailer. So that’s one thing. That’s really great and overall, the conversion van makes life a lot more fun and it is just very impressive in my mind, and I’ve even had people comment when they come in my conversion van and whatnot that they just can’t believe there’s this much stuff in the bed of a conversion van.

It is pretty wild, especially to see some of the bigger units out. It is just very impressive how they maximize the amount of space in such a small area. So that’s pretty much it. Those are all the big benefits that I think of or reasons why you should get a conversion van. Overall, I love conversion vans because they make life more fun.

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