What Is A Sprinter Van?

 Sprinter vans have an increased profile and more spacious interior than most other types of cargo and passenger vans, making them ideal for a vast array of commercial uses in a wide variety of industries. This van was introduced by Mercedes-Benz in European countries in 1995, and has been available in the United States under the Freightliner brand since 2001. Sprinters were also available under the Dodge brand in 2003, but Dodge has since halted manufacturing Sprinters.

Designed mostly for commercial, not personal, use, the Sprinter van has received a great deal of attention on the commercial van scene, showing to become more cost-effective and roomier than other cargo vans.

If you have been wondering just what is a sprinter van, below is some useful information about these sprinter vans and their commercial uses.

Optimum Performance


One of the most popular uses for Sprinter vans is good for local delivery services. This means high mileage, regular short-term trips, and lots of stopping and starting, which really can take a toll over a vehicle’s engine. These vans’ motors have a reputation for consistency, despite these challenging working conditions. Sprinter vans likewise have extraordinarily long maintenance and oil change intervals, making them a great money- and time-saving choice for most business owners. Finally, despite their visible, the safety ranking of these vans beats that of similar high-profile vehicles.

Selection of Commercial Uses

Sprinters are suitable for utility, with a lot of interior room for moving a large number of passengers or hauling large plenty of cargo. Sprinter vans, therefore, have a wide array of commercial uses. The most frequent uses for them include:

  • Delivery vehicles
  • Ice cream trucks
  • Passenger shuttles
  • Tool vans (largely plumbing and contracting)

The countless uses of these sprinter vans make sure they are ideal as fleet vans for small- and large-business owners equally.

Conversions to meet up any Commercial Need

Sometimes, a vehicle’s standard manufacturer options simply don’t meet the unique needs of a particular business – and Sprinter vans are no exception. That is why many after-market alteration or unfitting companies have cropped up in recent years to meet up with the needs of companies. The roomy interior, considerable headroom and multiple measures of Sprinters van make sure they are easily unfitted to include a variety of custom conversion improvements. Be it adding refrigeration items and an area concession windows for glaciers cream sellers, adding wireless internet features and luxury interiors for a mobile office or replacing the inside for efficient storage area of energy tools and building materials, Sprinter vans can be refitted to accommodate almost any desired use.

What is a Sprinter Van?

The information discussed above should establish useful if you have been thinking about, “What is a Sprinter Van?”  Because of the excellent performance, wide selection of uses and easy unfitting functions, Sprinter vans have grown to be the benchmark as it pertains to commercial cargo vans.

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