What is Sprinter Van?

Sprinter vans have a high profile with more spacious interior than other types of cargo or passenger vans, which makes them perfect for a vast commercial uses in variety of industries. This van was first introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 1995.It has also has been available in the United States under the Freightliner brand. Sprinters were also manufactured under the Dodge brand but Dodge has stopped producing Sprinters. Sprinter Van is designed primarily for commercial, not personal use. The Sprinter van has received a lot of attention on the commercial van scene as they provide to be more economical and roomier than other vans.

  • Optimum Performance

The most popular uses for Sprinter vans are for delivery services purposes. This means that high mileage, a lot of stopping and starting and frequent short-term trips can take a toll on the vehicle’s engine. These vans’ engines have reputation for being reliable, despite harsh working conditions. Sprinter vans also have extended maintenance and oil change intervals that make them a great time and money saving choice for most business owners. And finally, despite their high profile and features, the safety rating of these vans beats many other similar high-profile vehicles.

What is Sprinter Van?

  • Variety of Commercial Uses

Sprinters are most designed for utility providing lots of interior room for transporting a large number of passengers or large loads of cargo. Therefore, Sprinter vans have a broad range of commercial uses. The common uses of sprinter vans include being an ice cream trucks, passenger shuttles, delivery vehicles and utility vans. You can also visit our top article here for more to know. These trailers are also made ideally as fleet vans for small- and large-business owners.

  • Conversions to Meet any Commercial Need

Many times a vehicle’s standard options may only not meet the unique needs of businesses and in this regard sprinter vans are no such exception. Due to this, there are many after-market conversions or up fitting companies have cropped in recent years to meet the requirement of business owners. Roomy interior, multiple lengths and extensive headroom and of Sprinters make them up fitted to include a variety of custom upgrades. You can aslo checkout more on this link:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_Sprinter here.  Nonetheless, Sprinter vans can be refitted to accommodate almost any desired use may that be installing a refrigerator for ice-cream van or a CCTV for a surveillance van.

Sprinter van provided all needs of the customers.  But the information provided might make you ask this question, “Why a Sprinter Van?” The answer to this is that due to their excellent performance, easy up fitting capabilities and a wide variety of uses, Sprinter vans have ultimately become the benchmark when it comes to the commercial cargo vans.

Moreover, MAG Trucks have fully integrated truck dealers and manufacturer that aim to specialize in any medium duty vehicles for multiple industries. They sell new as well as used cars that including step vans, box trucks, Sprinters, mobile food trucks and delivery trucks. In addition to the new vehicles, their production facility also can refit around 15 to 20 trucks per week. These  refits range from all the regulated industry builds up to complex one-off solutions.


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