Where can I get prices for used campervans?

Prices for used campervans are readily available in a wide variety of places and are mostly easily accessible to you

Here is a short list of potential places to look for prices of used campervans.


most newspapers have an ads section where anyone can place an advertisement to sell something, including campervans. Not every newspaper will run these every day – the smaller, area specific papers may only run them once or twice a week, but you will soon figure out when that is and they are great places to pick up local bargains.


There are several types of magazines you should be looking at to find the going price of a range of campervans.

Auto trade type magazines – this is probably where you will find the largest selection of used campervans for sale – and hence a great source of campervan prices.However, you will also find that a lot of dealers advertise in these magazines which has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include that their campervans have probably been put through some sort of checklist to ensure they are mechanically sound, and they may come with some sort of guarantee that covers a range of mishaps that might occur after you buy the campervan.
The downside is that this always attracts a premium and so the prices are likely to be somewhat inflated – so you will have to decide which way to go there.

Where can I get prices for used campervans?

Magazines aimed at the backpacking/ young travellers section of the market. Here you are likely to find ads for campervans that have been used for a trip to Europe and are now being sold on. Advantages here are that they are often under time pressure to sell and so the price is probably good. The potential danger of course is that you are buying the campervan “as is” with no guarantee that it wont fall apart when you drive around the corner! In these cases, it’s useful to have someone with some mechanical knowledge who can give it the once-over before you buy it.

The internet

more and more this will be the first place that people will advertise used campervans for sale. The obvious advantage here is that you can sit in one place and find used campervan prices from a wide geographical region.Sites like this one allow you to get a good idea of the price you can expect to pay for a variety of used campervans

Traditional used car dealerships

some might specialise in campervans but it’s more likely you will find the odd campervan standing on a used car lot comprising mostly used cars.


community notice boards, pub and club notice boards, tertiary education noticeboards – you name the noticeboard, you will from time to time come across a used camper van for sale.

If you look in the obvious places, and keep your eyes open in the not so obvious places, then without too much effort you should be able to quickly ascertain the going rate for a variety of categories of used campervans. Click here to read more information about campervans.

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